Adam Herst is a Toronto-based artist and arts manager, Linux system administrator, and technical writer. He is interested in the tension between ideas, their ownership, and their reproduction, and in exploring the proposition that ideas which are designed for dissemination will be disseminated. When Adam isn't creating art, he helps arts organizations and other non-profits make the most of their investments in technology.

(All works created by Adam Herst are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Canada License.)

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Current Projects

Composition in p5.js

An ongoing project in which I respond to the exercises in Arthur Wesley Dow's Composition: A series of exercises in art structure for the use of students and teachers using p5.js.

Solving Sol

Ongoing contributions to Solving Sol, an open project to implement Sol LeWitt's instructions in JavaScript.

Wall Drawing Boston Museum

Wall Drawing 462

Use the scroll wheel to rotate the room. Refresh the page for a new room.

What Colour is Your Circle?

An interpretation in p5.js of "The Bauhaus’s characteristic assignment of the three primary colours red, yellow and blue to the square, triangle and circle ... "

Interaction of Colour in p5.js

An ongoing project in which I respond to the exercises in Josef Albers' Interaction of Color using p5.js.