Adam Herst is a Toronto-based artist and arts manager, Linux system administrator, and technical writer. He is interested in the tension between ideas, their ownership, and their reproduction, and in exploring the proposition that ideas which are designed for dissemination will be disseminated. When Adam isn't creating art, he helps arts organizations and other non-profits make the most of their investments in technology.

(All works created by Adam Herst are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Canada License.)

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Past Projects

claude wittman's 2894: Reading of the Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission at MONOMYTHS: Stage 11, 2017. (Performance collaboration. Photo credit Henry Chan.)

drawBot, 2017. (p5.js. Press any key to save the drawing.)

Performance Art Is Like A Kernel Of Popcorn, 2016. (Performance for Margret Dragu's Verb Frau TV at 7a*11d.)

Stop Sign Camera, 2015. (Intervention)

Performance Art Is Like A Kernel Of Popcorn, 2015. (Performance. Photo credit Henry Chan. Legs, Too organized by Fado Performance Art Centre.)

One Thing and Then Another, 2014. (Performance for camera)

Performances by Dead Artists: Karawane, 2014. (Performance)

Timer, Timer, Timer: A Noise Performance in Three Parts, 2013. (Performance)

Does a standing chair think of sitting? 2012. (Installation)

Intersection, 2012. (Performance)

Memories, 2011. (Performance)

Swansong, 2010. ( Performance for video)

The Revolution Will Be Live, 2010. (Performance)

Jon Sasaki's Human Statue of the Spirit of Individualism, 2010. (Performance Participation)

It's Not Easy Being Green, 2009. (Performance)

Sunnyside Mourning, 2008. (Performance. Left to right: Laura Mendes, John Loechner, Adam Herst, Laura Smith. Not shown: Annie Onyi Cheung, Gram Schmalz, Emma Barron)

Annie Onyi Cheung's On Consumption II, 2007. (Performance Participation)